849 Naval Air Squadron






    HMS Invincible is the mothership of 849B flight. When the ship went on exercise in March 2004 they were joined by B flight. This meant that the flight were on board at the time of the first anniversary of the accident of their colleagues in the Gulf. A memorial service was held on board on the 21st March 2004.

    It had been intended that the service would be an act of remembrance for 849 squadron but when it became known that the service was planned Invincible was flooded with requests to join. In the end over 150 service people attended the service, many flying in from other ships on the exercise.

       The Service was led by Invincible's Chaplain, Father Martin Gough, and candles were lit in memory of the men who died the previous year.

The following men lit the candles:

Lieutenant Commander Rocky Salmon, in memory of Phil West

Lieutenant Commander Matt Bowden, in memory of Marc Lawrence

Lieutenant Andy Rose, in memory of Andy Wilson

Lieutenant Adrian Mudge, in memory of Tony King

Lieutenant Aaron Brown, in memory of James Williams

Captain Steve Sutton RM, in memory of Phil Green

Captain Erik Weigelin CAF, in memory of Tom Adams.

Captain Weigelin is on attachment from the Canadian Navy; Tom Adams was on attachment from the American Navy.


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